Nordic Walking enhances ordinary walking and makes something we can all do, twice as effective.

Nordic Walking is a specific fitness technique.  Not just walking with poles like trekking or rambling, Nordic Walking poles are specific to the exercise and planted behind your bodyline, to propel you along and therefore automatically fully engage the upper body – as well as your feet and legs naturally.  This makes it easier to work quite hard and importantly, control your own intensity.

The benefits of this form of exercise are many fold:

  • For weight watchers, Nordic Walking burns 20-40% more calories than ordinary walking.
  • Nordic Walking works the whole body and is both enjoyable to learn and do.
  • It is suitable for everyone’s individual capabilities and lessens the impact on joints.
  • It is particularly good for spinal posture and the back, shoulders and upper neck.
  • The very fact you are out in the fresh air is energizing and uplifting.

Nordic Walking in Lymington

Sea breezes laden with nutrients from cresting and breaking waves, become airborne and naturally blow onshore.  This is excellent for the respiratory system, helping to stimulate full and deep breathing.  Your workout exercises the whole upper body, pushing shoulders back and increasing lung activity.  We all know a brisk walk ‘blows away the cobwebs’ and leaves us invigorated and energized – and after a rest – sharpens the mind and senses.  Being able to feast your eyes on the ever-changing landscapes and environment while enjoying this invigorating activity distracts you from your efforts.

Nordic Walking in Lymington

Soon a walk is complete and having incorporated up to 90% of the body’s muscles you can soak up the magnificent views, ever changing terrain and fresh air, which all distract you while you breathe more deeply than normal and benefit from great exercise.   Nordic Walking is the perfect tonic.  Perfect for people recovering from illness and perfect for fitness fanatics alike.  Your level of ‘work-out’ is geared to you as an individual – and the goals you set.

One of the secrets to improve all round well being.
And that’s just what most of us want.