The secret to achieving better health is as simple as finding a form of exercise you enjoy. The real challenge can be finding exercise which you’re able to sustain and keep up in order to improve your sense of wellbeing. Many of us in our earlier years may have played one sport or another to varying degrees and may now find exercise classes too demanding on joints or a little claustrophobic perhaps.

However there is a form of exercise people can do – at all levels – which can improve stamina and fitness, as well as enabling you to discover a stimulating form of exercise which is different each time you do it and rewards you with a much happier state of mind. Living where we do in the beautiful surrounds of The New Forest and on the edge of The Solent Way, there are dedicated individuals who are determined to show people a different method of exercise and importantly, feel better, even through the harsher winter months.

Jane Monks Nordic Walking InstructorIt is important however to have instruction from a trained  Nordic Walking instructor like Jane Monks.

Jane is a cancer survivor and is passionate about keeping healthy, fit, and helping others.  As a Nordic Walking Instructor, she is aware of the many health benefits gained from Nordic Walking.  It works the whole body, lessens impact on joints, great for neck, shoulders and back, as well as being in the fresh air, which can be very exhilarating.

It is a specific technique and she runs regular courses to teach this, to gain the maximum benefit.

She runs regular walks each day and/or evening of the week, and weekends, in small friendly groups.



Jane is happy to receive phone calls if you are uncertain and wish to discuss your individual needs.  One to one can also be arranged.


Nordic Walking is something everyone can do.